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7 Steps To Improve Your Restaurant Service

You may start your restaurant business with the best intentions, but it can be hard to keep up with every area you’re trying to improve. Eventually, some factors may be letting you down. If you want to boost your overall level of service and your reputation, here are some sensible steps to consider.

1) Draw up service guidelines

Have a written agreement for your staff which explains what your ideal restaurant service is like. When expectations are written down, even if they seem like common sense, it helps to encourage consistency and ensure all staff are clear on their objectives.

2) Provide personal plans

Building on the initial guidelines you have created, a personal development plan for every individual staff member should be a priority. This ensures specific issues are tackled systematically and the right support is available.

3) Plan your hiring process

It’s important to look for new talent all the time, focusing on people who are passionate about providing great quality service at all times, as well as learning new skills and improving. Skills can be taught, so place more emphasis on the person. Training for new staff must be consistent and thoroughly planned.

4) Get the right supplies

 You can quickly create an unprofessional image for your restaurant if you’re consistently having to make excuses because basic items have run out or gone missing. Cutting corners on the essentials is likely to have a knock on effect, making your staff and customers feel like you don’t care.

5) Train staff constantly

Every day is a new opportunity for development and gaining new experience. Staff in your restaurant need to always be learning more about the level of service they should be providing, and gradually becoming more effective.

6) Offer a great leadership service

Service works both ways – if employees feel supported at work, they are much more likely to pass on that positive feeling to customers. Overly harsh management can destroy a productive sense of team spirit, so try to steer away from this.

7) Let people show initiative

On a related note, team members might feel stifled by their instructions at times and this crushes any initiative they might want to show. Going above and beyond for customers is something to be encouraged, so trust your staff to deviate from the everyday rules if they’re providing the service that customer needs.

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