Some of the Most Expensive Foods Worldwide

match green tea powder

Do you ever stop and ponder about what all of the rich and famous people consume when they go out to lunch or dinner? Well, look no further. Below, you will find an organised list of only some of the foods really wealthy people can afford. Who knows, maybe one day you will be able to afford these foods too.


Finely grounded into a smooth powder and used frequently in various juices, baking recipes, and for flavouring up ice cream, matcha green tea powder is extremely high in caffeine and healthy antioxidants. For authentic, ceremonial quality matcha green tea powder, you can find yourself paying anywhere around £230 per kilogram.


pure vanilla

Pure vanilla is a famous flavour and is used as an ingredient in numerous desserts today. Although, with the tremendous amount of unique vanilla extracts on the market today, it can be somewhat difficult to know exactly which one to pick for your favourite dessert recipes you want to prepare.

Pure vanilla is only second to the heavenly spice of saffron when it comes to some of the most expensive spices available. Mexico and Madagascar are some of the largest producers of this royal ingredient but harvesting and growing pure vanilla are extremely laborious because the vanilla flowers have to all become hand-pollinated. One kilogram of quality vanilla beans will cost you around £318.


Abalone is considered a huge marine gastropod mollusk. This enormously-sized sea snail is mostly found in the oceans of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and even the west coast of North America. Abalones tend to have a very rich, flavorful meat that is truly seen as a culinary speciality in many countries today. These rare sea snails are very difficult to catch in many places around the world, and they are becoming more and more extinct in some countries. Because of this, some fishermen are only allowed to catch a limit of 10 daily in some areas. Popular for its’ delectable meat, this rare mollusk is one of the most expensive shellfish you will find, costing you around £398 per 2.2 pounds.


In closing, what other, nostalgic foods in the world would give these famous products a run for their money? Besides, why are people willing to pay so much money for rare products that are so costly? Are these foods really even worth their price in gold? Last but not least, have you tried one of the above food items?

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8 Marketing Ideas To Promote A New Restaurant

Getting started in the restaurant business needs to happen fast, because running a practically-empty establishment will quickly cause your costs to start spiralling out of control. You need to drum up some interest before that happens, so what can you do to get the word out?

Firstly, you need to make sure you start a coherent marketing plan that you can build on. Learning lessons early on is absolutely crucial and will shape the next stage of your development. Ensure you keep track of how your first customers found out about you, so you know which methods work best for you. Make sure you know who you’re targeting, too, because different demographics will be easier to reach through certain channels. Here are some of the ideas you might want to start trying, however.

1) Stand out in your location

One thing it’s important to get right is the look and feel of your actual restaurant. If the décor inside is attractive and you’re grabbing attention visually from passers-by, this will really help get you off the ground.

2) React to your surroundings

Things going on in your local area will have an immediate impact on your business. If more people are nearby for any specific reason, act fast and come up with a relevant promotion to draw them in. This brings us onto our next point…

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How Do You Handle Logistics in the Restaurant Business?

It’s a widely known fact that entering into a new business is always a big risk. Restaurants come with an even higher risk than most start-ups, party due to fierce competition and other external forces. However, the complex set of considerations that have to be factored in by any new restaurant owner is probably the reason most new ventures fail. You’re unlikely to succeed if you fail to think about all the fundamental practical aspects of your restaurant, such as the following.

Supplies and transport

Managing your restaurant day-to-day is going to rely on fresh ingredients being delivered to your kitchen exactly when you need them. This definitely doesn’t happen by magic. Great suppliers and distributors are definitely out there, but you need to plan carefully to set up a system that works for your business. Finding a highly reputable company to manage the transport and delivery of all your fresh, perishable ingredients is essential. Harlow Group Storage, who specialise in temperature controlled transport, distribution, supply chain, and logistics in Bishop’s Stortford and Essex, would be one great example.

Location is crucial

Of course, deliveries and distribution will be related to your location, but this needs to be perfect for many other reasons. Where are your target customers? Are you in an area that fits with the concept of your restaurant? Are you far away from where most people live, and if so, is your food going to be worth travelling for?

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